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Apr 22, 2024

A Father's Worry, A Son's Mission

Let's begin with the tale of our founder, Kenneth's father.

Last year, during his father's birthday week, he was admitted to the hospital due to constant dizziness, fatigue, and a sudden spike in blood pressure. On the third day, he was diagnosed with a stroke. Fortunately, Kenneth was there that night and noticed something was amiss, prompting immediate medical attention.

Since his stroke diagnosis, Kenneth's father became increasingly concerned about his medical expenses. He had purchased a traditional medical plan with no cash value, no waiver, and an annual limit of 50k. Every other day, his father inquired about the mounting medical bills for the two weeks until his anticipated discharge.

But what lies beyond hospital discharge? The reality dawns upon you: it's your monthly income lifestyle. Fortunately, Kenneth's father had some savings to fall back on, but was it enough? Would 50k suffice? 100k? 200k?

Consider the aftermath of a stroke patient's discharge. A month's supply of neuroaids alone costs about 3k, recommended for at least three to six months. Then there's post-discharge nursing home care, spanning three to six months, along with physiotherapy, acupuncture, diapers, and milk powder.

Imagine the expenses: 3k for neuroaids (A brain supplment for stroke patients), 5k for nursing home care, 1k for diapers & milk powder, and 2.5k for physiotherapy and acupuncture, totaling 5 sessions per week. That's a whopping RM11,500 for these essentials alone, not to mention other expenses like spouse's travel, food, utilities, and loan payments. Within six months, over half of a 100k savings could be depleted.

Following this incident, Kenneth realized the need for better planning. What if there was a way to safeguard against such uncertainties before they occur? This is where insurance steps in. That's why both of our founders ventured into the Prudential agent business: to provide free policy checks, ensuring you're prepared for whatever life throws your way.

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