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Chinese New Year Collection

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    Cake pre-order start now and collection from below date: 28-31 January 2022

    28 & 29 = 2-6pm

    30 & 31 = 10-12noon

    We will close from 1 Feb to 6 Feb

    A special selection of products we will be selling Especially for This 2022 Chinese New Year

    Our SK Homemade Cakes Butter Cake, Sujee Cake is well known in Penang for the best quality, taste, and moist.

    We only baked our Signature butter cake once a year during the Chinese New Year celebration where cake and cookies is a must for Chinese New year.  In Chinese beliefs, everyone in the household should be eating sweet dessert for the 1st day of Chinese New Year to the significance year ahead will be a sweet and good year.

    We deliver our Butter Cake and Cookies within Penang only, so if you reside out of Penang, please consult us because using pos cookies will tend to break and we will not be held responsible for it.


    14 products