Callebaut Cocoa Nib Coffee Mille Crepes

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Try our new creation, Callebaut Cocoa Nib Coffee Mille Crepes. Coffee Mille Crepes with Callebaut Belgium Cocoa Nib on not less than 20 layers of thin crepes. 

Coffee Mille Crepes with Callebaut Belgium Cocoa Nib for additional bits of Dark, crunchy and with a bitter chocolatey taste on not less than 20 layers of thin crepes. 

Cacao nibs are the raw, pure form of chocolate. Cacao nibs have a chocolatey taste also known as nature's chocolate chips,  but they're not quite as sweet as chocolate. Raw organic cacao nibs are nutritional powerhouses, they provide some remarkable health benefits. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Strong coffee taste

This is the 2nd time i order and friends find that it was better than the last time.Whipped cream taste better and this taste more on veg cream.For those who don't like it sweet this is nice.Would be nice if they used a better quality cream. They might try out yogurt one on your product.

Morning Ms. Wong, Thanks for dropping us a review. We never use Non-Dairy Cream inside our Cake, except for coating Fresh Cream cake outer layer to prevent crack and Non-Dairy Cake. All Cake are strictly made using 35% Dairy Cream since we started our business, the brand that we use AVOSET Whipping Cream from Australia & EVEN Whipping Cream from France for better taste. What has caused you to feel it was Non-Dairy Cream, it might be the cream that is whip too firm and caused you to feel is the firmness of Non-Dairy Cream. But rest assure all cake are made using Dairy Cream.
Taste blend

Quality of the crepe is good but the ingredients mixed coffee cocoa is not enough and taste blend.
Healthy and good for those who don't like sweet is the best choice.

Hi Wong Yoke Sin, Your helpful comments are much appreciated,and your feedback will help us to improve the overall taste. Our Coffee flavour range Cake or Mille Crepe will be more on the bitter side and less sweet, that it might cause the coffee more blend due to lower sugar level.If you like your cake to be slightly sweeter the next time or stronger coffee flavor, just note down in seller message box or our support chat or just simply call us to place your order. Our Chef will surely increase the sweetness or flavour to make it more flavorful for you. We will also increase the amount of Cocoa Nib in the cake in future, the cocoa nib itself doesn't have much flavor, because is unsweetened. Cocoa nibs are pure cocoa bean kernels that are roasted to release their great taste. They add a bitter, intense cocoa flavor into the cake. Because of it's very coarse form originally, we blend it finer to match the soft crepes texture. On another hand in future, you may try our Mocha range of Cake / Mille Crepe, it's pack with more flavour.

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