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Eggless Mangolicious Cake - Whole Cake (Pre-order)

Eggless Mangolicious Cake - Whole Cake (Pre-order)

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Good news for those who always on the lookout for " EGGLESS CAKE"

We now provide another option for cake lovers out there with an Eggless Mangolicious Cake, This cake come with Eggless Vanilla Sponge, Vanilla Pastry Cream with imported Belgium Mango Filling.

Cake Profile : Light, Balanced Sweet & Sour

  • Eggless Vanilla Sponge
  • Vanilla Cream
  • Mango

Allergens:  Dairy, Wheat, Soy products

Product Ingredients:
Wheat, Sugar, Potato Starch, Corn Flour, Raising Agent, Vegetable Oil, Soy, Soy Lecithin, Dairy Cream, Mango

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

Delivery as scheduled.
Very delicious cake but a little too creamy. Should put less cream. The whole cake is full of cream

Hi Sundraa, Thanks for your feedback. We will see what we can do with it because is 2 layer cake with cream on the side and center with the fruit filling. We will reduce the cream on the side and spread it in the center to create a balance cream, fruit & cake ration

Eggless Mango Passion Cake

Very soft and not too sweet. The flavours were there. Enjoyed it.

Cleared plates!

For the first time ever, me and my friends managed to finish the whole cake at one go, pretty easily (we ordered a 500g cake), so you can tell how good it was! Most of us are fans of sourish flavour hence this was chosen but not a fan of too much of cream, so a special request was made and the proportion turned out perfect! The sponge part was fluffy and moist; fruits were given generously. The decoration is good enough but I hope there will be more designs to choose from (this round was based on availability).

Indifferent to its flavour

I live in Canada and was looking for a convenient method of sending a gift to my family. I ordered this online for my parents' on Father's Day.

To write the review, I asked them how it looked and tasted. I was told the flavour is lacking, mainly sour and did not taste like mangoes. My parents thought they were peaches. Furthermore, they said they weren't fond of the fact the cake comprised mainly of cream.

I had initially intended to order the salted caramel cheesecake but it was soldout on that day. I'll give this website another try next time. Hopefully, it will be better.

Easy to order
Decent pricing


Hi Lynn,Thank for your valued feedback and well noted on the lack of flavour.
We are using imported mango fruit filling for the cake filling and we put in extra mango puree for added more flavour and texture.
Yes, we do admit is sourer due to low sweetness for the fruit filling, as we try to cut down the sweetness because mostly customer is looking for less sweet.For Peach, it will be a sweet profile. I would suggest you try out mango peach flavour, which has a balance of sweetness & sour creating a refreshing tasteFor Cream, the part is very different from individual preference & different maker.  Mostly on the current market bakery or outside selling cake with an only a very thin layer of buttercream/non-dairy cream just to sandwich the cake layer together.
In our version, we are using dairy cream in all our cake with a balanced ratio of 2-inch cake you will get a 1 inch cream for a balanced cake & cream ratioPlease avoid Mille Crepe if you are looking for less cream. We will give a new option soon that customer can choose with & without cream coating on the outside layer of the cake. This will also help reduce the cream ratio slightly.Thank for your time and feedback

Special Eggless Cake Version

Special surprised for my friend's birthday during this CMCO. Thank you for the superb delivery service.
My friend love the mango passion fruit eggless cake. Is delicious! Not too sweet. But slightly too much of cream. Overall is good for both cake and delivery service. Thumbs up for SK!