Martell VSOP Chocolate Gelato - Available Daily * Alcohol

Martell VSOP Chocolate Gelato - Available Daily * Alcohol - SK Homemade Cakes-130ml--

Martell VSOP Chocolate Gelato - Available Daily * Alcohol

Martell VSOP chocolate gelato is a luxurious frozen dessert that blends the rich flavors of high-quality chocolate with the smooth, velvety texture of gelato. Made with 70% Saint Domingue chocolate, this gelato has a deep, complex flavor profile that is both intense and well-balanced.

The chocolate used in this gelato is carefully sourced from the lush tropical forests of the Dominican Republic, where the warm, humid climate provides ideal growing conditions for the cacao tree. The resulting chocolate is full-bodied and rich, with a subtle fruity note that perfectly complements the creamy sweetness of the gelato.

To create this indulgent dessert, the chocolate is melted and blended into a rich base made with fresh milk, cream, chocolate & martell. The mixture is then churned slowly and frozen to create a velvety, smooth texture that melts in the mouth.

Martell VSOP chocolate gelato is the perfect dessert for chocolate lovers who appreciate the finer things in life. Its bold, sophisticated flavor and silky texture make it a true indulgence that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Ingredients: Milk, Cream, Sugar. Chocolate, Martell VSOP

Allergens:  Dairy, Contain Alcohol

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