Cake delivery method - Frozen both for self pick-up & delivery

Jun 20, 2017
All cake will be ship frozen or will be frozen for you to pick up!
Standard question:
Why Frozen?
Does frozen make the cake not fresh?
The answer is NO!
Why we ship Frozen? Answer as below
1. To prevent lost in freshness, Texture, and Taste
2. Prevent damage to the cake, as you know the inevitable journey is an hour away or maybe up to 8 hours away. In the frozen mean, no freshness will be loose during the whole progress, and you won't be receiving a melted cake.
We ship your cake out today evening for tomorrow delivery, is not 2 to 3 days delivery progress like normal parcel which causes the cake days old.
But once we ship frozen, the downside is the fruit will be freeze and turn soft especially 🍓, we do hope that you understand this. Our most important priority is the Quality and freshness of your cake.
For self-pick up, can I bring the cake to Jalan Jalan? The answer is yes & no
1. NO, when you never told us early, if you said first we can freeze your cake up for a 90-minute journey
2. Yes, if you said first we can freeze your cake up for a 90-minute trip.
We have encountered that many customers coming to our kitchen to self-collect the cake but they wanted to bring the cake go somewhere else, maybe few hour later only go back home to keep the cake in the fridge. Therefore we will give you a frozen cake which could last you for a 90-minute journey.
Baking a cake is not an hour task, it may take a few hours or days to get your cake ready.
Please note that your cake is freshly made one day ahead before delivery, but however, the ingredient will be source before that so changing your order less than 72 hours are not allowed.

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