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Mille Crepe Whole Cake
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Chinese New Year is around the corner!
A variety of Cookies (Available Daily), Cake (Pre-order) and Ice Cream for Chinese New Year celebration or as Gift

Looking for Eggless Vegetarian Cake?

Eggless Cake

Lacto Vegetarian / Eggless is suitable for the person who abstains from eating meat, gelatine & eggs.

In a Lacto vegetarian diet that you still consume dairies such as milk, butter

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Eggless Cheesecake

Lacto Vegetarian Cheesecake!

Eggless Cheese & Biscuit Base

Rennet Free!

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Pure Vegetarian / Vegan

Suitable for Chinese Pure Vegetarian / Western Vegan diet that does require the cake to be Dairy Free, Egg Free & Animal-Free cake. AT SK, we check the ingredients term seriously!
NO Sodium Caseinate for VEGAN!

Vegan Cake

Cake, Ice Cream, Pastries available Daily

Same Day Delivery / Self Collection

Artisan Gelato by Kreamery

Gelato in Cup / Pint

Love Ice Cream? You will going to love our new range of Gelato in cup / pint

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Gelato Cake

Gelato Cake with Simple to Cutie Design, we have it all

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We have wide range of Slice Cake & Pastries Available Daily

Slice Cake

Slice Cake, Box Cake, Gluten Free Cake, Eggless Cheesecake, Alcohol Cake, Mille Crepe... Phew...we have so many of them, come check it out yourself!

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Pastries Gift Box

Looking for Gift? Tired of Cake day?

Why not try Pastries Gift Box Day for a change?

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Ready to Eat / Frozen Pastries

Looking for Pastires item which is RTE / Frozen?
We have them from Pie, Scones, Madeline, Croissant etc etc!

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