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Your Perfect Cake: Eggless, Vegan, Keto, Sugar Free (Available Daily)

Eggless Cake & Cheesecake

Lacto Vegetarian / Eggless is suitable for the person who abstains from eating meat, gelatine & eggs.

In a Lacto vegetarian diet that you still consume dairies such as milk, butter

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Plant-based / Vegan Cake

Suitable for Chinese Pure Vegetarian / Western Vegan diet that does require the cake to be Dairy Free, Egg Free & Animal-Free cake. AT SK, we check the ingredients term seriously!
NO Sodium Caseinate for VEGAN!

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Sugar Free & Gluten Free Cake

Enjoy satisfying desserts without sacrificing your health goals! These low-carb, gluten-free, and sugar-free cake are ideal for the ketogenic diet. Sweetened with allulose, they offer a low-calorie, blood sugar-friendly alternative to traditional sweets.

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Whole Cake, Slice Cake & Gift (Available Daily)


A vast choices of Cake from Soft Sponge to Classic Firmer Cake

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Cheesecake Whole Cake

For the cheese lover

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Mille Crepe Whole Cake

Our most best seller product!
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Jam, Puff, Pie, Tart, Pastries

Here's where you can find all the Jam, Pie, Scone, Strudel, GIft Box, Pastries, Puff, Quiche etc, that can be send as a gift

Choose from Ready to Eat or Frozen Pie to heat up at home

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Slice Cake

Slice Cake, Box Cake, Gluten Free Cake, Eggless Cheesecake, Alcohol Cake, Mille Crepe... Phew...we have so many of them, come check it out yourself!

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Mini Whole Cake

Perfect for couple celebration

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Ice Cream Cake & Gelato

Gelato Cake with Simple to Cutie Design, we have it all!

Can't decide which gelato Cake suit you? no worry try the Gelato cup

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Food Collections

Ready to Eat Pesto, Soup & Pasta

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