Don't knock it till you've tried it. It's durian season out there in Penang and SK Homemade Cakes is here to bring to you a unique experience that you'll come screaming for more - Durian Cake! Durian Mille Crepe!

    We only use Penang farm drop durian and not Commercial Frozen Durian Pulp, you got to Taste and feel the difference. And we don't have the market famous Musang King Durian because we don't follow the crowd everything Musang here and there which is overrated and just taste durian. Please don't ask us about MUSANG KING! 😝

    We called it SK KING!

    You heard right! Durian Cake. It's SK Homemade Cakes' very own handmade and fresh gourmet cake recipe that is mouthwatering.

    Why we don't use Commercial Durian Flesh / Paste

    Because it doesn't meet our standard, commercial durian paste/flesh have been processed to mix with lower quality/kampung durian to bring down the price and add in fiber to create the feel of the real flesh 

    Which they can sell you at RM60/120 per kg depending on the type of the durian, D24 / the famous Musang King (which we have tested all before, (lack of flavor & taste, Not much feel of eating durian, watery, after done the cake is leaking juice)

     To obtain 400gm Durian Flesh we will require a min 3.5 to 4.2kg of Whole Durian including Seed & Case

    Because quality durian only able to yield 15% - 20% flesh unless that married version of durian which will have more yield up to 25%

    We use Quality Ingredients from