Why SK Homemade Cakes no provide Free Delivery?

Jul 17, 2017

Why SK Homemade Cakes no provide Free Delivery?

In the actual world, there's no free delivery, only inclusive delivery. Because we don't own any logistics company to do free delivery.

You were asking for premium quality cake and onsite customer service.

Example, if our 500gm cake is RM 54. Consignment partner like Taqbin charges us RM23 per 60cm. When your cake gets bigger, the price gets higher.

An additional cost of sturdy cake box which simply cost at least RM2/3 and extra labor needed to wrap your cake in good order.

Let's say RM54 cake come with free delivery = Selling Price RM54 - Delivery Fee RM23 = Actual Price RM31.

For a cake that is RM31, what type of quality you are looking for?
When you purchase a cake you wanted us to use quality item, deco the cake nicely with more fruit, more filling like Blueberry, Nutella, more Nuts. When we put not enough, you say aiyo this man cheats me and the cake not nice at all.

In fact, when we sell you the cake at RM31, the whole ingredients cost must not be over RM7/8. As the balanced have to cover our overhead and all the advertising needed to get you to our store. 

When we inclusive the delivery in the cake price, it becomes RM54 + RM25 = RM79 for 500gm cake. 1st thing you will say WOW.. man! This cake house cake is so expensive, which our neighbor local bakery cake was just selling at RM50/60, let's go somewhere else. 

Due to the sudden hike in price few month ago by Taqbin from RM19 to RM23, there's no way we can keep the cost on our own. We are trying our best to source the delivery at the cheapest rate, but at the time being the best price we can give you is RM25 per delivery.

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