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SK Homemade Cakes Reviews Page

With hundreds over of customers across Malaysia and receiving positive feedback and testimonials from our customers over the years, we would like to personally thank each and every one of our loyal customers, as we continue to strive towards delighting our customers and perfecting our cakes.

We want to share our gratitude and appreciation for our loyal customers for giving us the opportunity our creative cake ideas to life! Without you, we would never be able to offer such a wide variety of cakes.

If you are new, take a look at what our customers are saying about our cakes below, or if you have just tried our cakes and want to tell us how we are doing, please leave us a testimonial below.

Thanks again. We anxiously look forward to serving you!

- Sharon and Kenneth

Based on 357 reviews
Surprise birthday cake

My mum love the cake :)


Salted Caramel Macadamia Mille Crepes


Repeat second order :) The 1st cake is too small and share with too many people. Haven't had a good portion and miss it so much. haha


Lots of Nutella and Nuts :) very quality cake

Taste Awesome

Nice Chocolate Muffin


Salted Caramel Macadamia Mille Crepe (0-3 days delivery)


Raisin Scones


Cranberry Scones (Best Seller)


The cake is too sweet even though I requested less sweet

Hi Hh Loh, Thanks for your feedback. We have already less 20% of the sugar compared to the slice that your bought to try out. We hope that you understand Sweetness level of every individuals varies. Maybe you can try the our Vanilla based variety in future. As this flavor you choose is salted caramel so it might be a little on the sweeter side based on the caramel character itself, which we guess it's more suitable for younger generation.
Nice cake!

Taste great, love it so much!


Eggless Macadamia Cake

The best

This is the perfect gift for any cake lover!


Happy Birthday Acrylic Topper & Wood 7 pattern


We love it so much.


Sea Salt Caramel Mocha Hazelnut Mille Crepes


The delivery is earlier than expected. The cake was amazing.


Belgian Chocolate Orange (0-3 days delivery)


Mocha Mille Crepes

Fresh Peach and nicely decorated on cake

It was an add on to my Eggless White Forest Cake.
My boy loved it


Eggless Nutella Ferrero (0-3 days delivery)

Love the cake

Even though some of us are not really a cake-person, so surprisingly, we finished that cake on that night of celebration! It was really good, love the design and the taste - a five star from me!


Mango Peach Mille Crepes


Eggless Nutella Ferrero

Very Tasty Cake, worth for money

Thank you for such delicious cake. perfect cheese & nutella combination.


This is the second time we ordered the same eggless mixed berry cake and this time also we relished it. The cake was spongy, light, moist, perfect in taste and most importantly delivered on time.

Cake itself

The cake was not too sweet, which was a good thing! However, the yogurt-taste was less than expected, and we were quite disappointed about it. The cream of the cake could be better too. Overall, it was ok, so I am giving a 4-star.

Hi Phei Wei Lee, Thanks for your valued feedback. We are sorry that it was not up to your expectation. For Yogurt flavor cream, the whole cream is not made with just yogurt, because yogurt has no body like cream which can be firm up. Therefore we only put in 25% of yogurt into the cream. If we go more than 25%, the texture of the cream will become too soft and your cake will melt very fast and cannot hold the shape when cutting time, the cake, cream and filling will collapse and created a mess. We will source a better quality Yogurt in the next yogurt cake to enhance the overall texture and flavor. Thanks for your time and have a great day.
Quite nice of the salted cheesecake

Is the first time i try this flavor of salted and is nice. The cheese cake seems to be loose than those we have tried. My friends enjoy better than the sweet one. Would recommend those who don't like the normal..try this.

Hi Sandy, Thanks for your review. We have track back your previous order; this Cheesecake is different from your previous order, previously you order this flavor (Salted Caramel Hazelnut Cheesecake), you cannot compare with Salted Cheese Cheesecake as both cakes are different taste, texture, and filling. Salted Caramel Hazelnut Cheesecake comes with Salted Caramel Sauce mix with Toasted Hazelnut, while Salted Cheese Cheesecake is made Mix with Cheddar Cheese and Grated Cheddar Cheese.

My friends love it. Thank you.

Mango Cheese Cake

Thanks for cake... My colleague love it so much...


Mix Berry Yogurt Cake


Delicious Crepe and awesome customer service

Not bad

Strong chocolate taste but a bit too sweet when oreo meet chocolate. Will try vanilla oreo next time :)

Delicious Crepe

The taste was nice between the sweetness and saltiness and come with lots of nuts

Ondeh Ondeh Cake (0-3 Days Delivery)
Very fragrant

Very fragrant pandan cake and nice Gula Melaka Coconut filling. Perfect Match!

Satin Red Velvet Cake

Very delicious.. :)


Taste good and highly recommended

salted caramel cheese cake

very delicious

I love it.

This is the second time I bought this cake, the first time was a bit too sweet for me (my personal sugar acceptance level is very low), I have my feedback and SK Homemade Cake refined the sugar level this round and I love it! I always love the fragrance of gula melaka... It is not just about sweet, but fragrance. Coconut, pandan and gula melaka make a perfect match. Thanks.

4 star

Apple Blueberry Cheesecake

4 star

Feedback from online team is so fast and the cake so delicious

Mango cheese cake

Very nicely made...tasted homemade cake

3 star

Seems a bit too creamy. Other than that, taste is good.

Hi Yen Fung, thanks for taking your time to drop us your feedback about the cake. It might be the chocolate and Oreo is too heavy to your liking. You can try something more light like vanilla flavor which is not so heavy, in that way you might not feel it was too creamy. Another way you might feel rich is because, the crepe is build up with 20 over of crepe and cream, if you want something less cream, go for Fresh Cream Cake which comes with sponge cake and less cream. This is what we always recommended to our customer. Please use the Online support chat or WhatsApp us to have a quick chat and ask for recommendation based on what suit you the best. Thanks, hope to serve you again
Longan Cake
5 star

Longan Cake

4 star

Really rich in chocolate and recommended for those really love chocolate.

Good cake

Was impressed with the decorations-lots of fruits on top. Delivery arrived as stated. Cake was delicious although slightly on the creamy side. Overall, thumbs up.

Delicious cake

The cake was delivered on time and my family like it a lot. Definitely will order again

Super nice macadamia cheese cake

My mum n relatives loves it so much.. Thanks sk homemade cake

Good job nice cake

My mum said this is the best cheese cake she ate before.. Thanks sk homemade cake..