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Fireworks / Sparkler Candle

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To Ignite them, simply place an open flame onto the top of the sparkler. Once Lit, They will emit a Spectacular Spray of Sparks that will shoot as high as 6 inches and last approximately 45 seconds! The sparkler has a plastic spike base for use on the cake.

RM5 for 1 candle


Do not hold in hand.

Distant Yourself & Helium Ballon away from the candle when lighting them!

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Delicious cake on time delivery.
Xcellnt presentation


but very fast finish firework


Fireworks / Sparkler Candle

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The cake is great, but not the way the deal with their customer. They are not happy to deal with you at all, but their cake is really wonderful.

Hi Shirleen Teh, Thanks for writing a feedback to us and thanks for compliment our cake, we glad that you love the cake! We have been trying to contact you on both WhatsApp and email but yet to received any reply from you. Would you kindly elaborate on the comment regarding our service to you. We offer our apology if any offense was caused by our team. We have conducted a check on the conversation in WhatsApp message send when ordering. It doesn't looking like there's something wrong with you and support team conversation, as your conversation come with smiling face and they have provided you the necessary info and suggestion until 11 pm plus. We think that's a great talk and dealing. We think it might be the website chat support problem? That you send in your chat at 7:50 am and 8:40 am and not received the reply. For the website chat, our chat support does not cover for 24hour. Our website chat starts at 10 am to 7.30pm as our business operating hour. If you send in a chat before our operating hour, a reply will be sent out by email once operation hour started. If you have messaged us thru WhatsApp, online chat support will not interfere the conversation to cause internal staff confusion. Instead, we will pass on the message to WhatsApp reply in charge person to finish the conversation/deal with the buyer. We sincerely apologize if that is the case, we hope to extend our website chat support duration longer in future. Lastly, cheers and have a great week ahead!
5 star

Fireworks / Sparkler Candle